ABOUT Saba Deseret International Eye Hospital-Baffa


ABOUT Saba Deseret International Eye Hospital-Baffa



Saba Deseret International Eye Hospital Baffa

A Project Implemented By: Dya Trust Pakistan (DTP)



Saba Deseret Eye Hospital Baffa is a partnership between Saba Aslam Education and welfare Trust and the Deseret International Foundation U.S.A. While Dya Trust Pakistan is on ground to implement this Project.


Background and Context: Cataract: The issue, problem, and challenge?

The human eye functions like a camera. If the lens of the camera is soiled or smeared with grease, a very hazy picture will result. Cataract is clouding of a clear transparent lens inside the eye ball. This clouding prevents the image from being focused on the back of the eye.

Cataract is the most important cause of blindness all over the world. Although it occurs commonly in old people, yet it can appear at any age. According to one of our surveys, 15-20% of blindness in children is because of cataract.

The World Health Organization estimates that 180 million people suffer from severe visual impairment (legally blind, by U.S. standards). The leading cause of blindness throughout the world is cataracts and 90% of this blindness is found in the developing world.





Role of Saba Deseret in Solving this Issue:

Established in November 2010, the centre is jointly funded by the Saba Aslam Education and welfare Trust SAEWT and Deseret International Foundation U.S.A, is part of th Blindness prevention programme. Its purpose is to conduct cataract surgeries and, enabling patients to benefit more quickly from new scientific breakthroughs.

This hospital is one of the 26 Eye Hospitals established by Deseret International Foundation U.S.A. with an outstanding international reputation in fight against blindness and expertise, and experience of the clinical setting around the world.

The Saba Trust, DIF and DTP partnership has an outstanding track record of success in cataract surgeries and routine examination of patients at OPD. From this transitional Programme and innovations that have already benefited large numbers of patients in the worst hit earthquake Hazara Region of Khyber Pukhtunkhawa Province.

The juxtaposition of a huge and unique clinical resource at one of the largest and the longest established eye hospitals in the region, together with one of the largest and most productive Saba trust staff, has led to a wide range of ground-breaking eye care facility, firmly embedded in an appreciation of important clinical problems.


Saba Deseret Eye Hospital Baffa: Key Activities

1. Saba Deseret Eye Hospital have got one OPD for out door patients where well professional and experienced ophthalmologists provide eye care facility on daily basis except Friday which is observed as off day.

2. A team from the Hazara Region and Islamabad , travels to a remote site, screen patients for cataracts and perform free surgery to those who need it. The team also works with local medical personnel to provide further training.

3. Outreach camps are also conducted in schools to screen children for their eye related problems


Potential Long Term Impact

The suffering caused by blindness deeply affects the family of each unfortunate, blinded individual, especially in the earthquake affected zone of Khyber Pakhtunkhawa province. With restored sight, many people return to work and to traditional roles in their families and societies.


Progress During February 2011-December 2012

1. Saba Deseret Eye Hospital Baffa Mansehra ,have almost attended more than 17000 patients at OPD and 58 free eye camps till date

2. Cataract surgeries have almost restored sight to approximately 668 people in the region and are further continued.Cases are much more but funds are limited.

3. Secured 5500 square feet of land for construction of well designed state of art eye hospital at baffa Doraha,on main popular Silk Route.

Till end of year 2013 Saba Deseret anticipate screening patients between 30,000 to 40,000 and restoring sight to approximately 1000 to 2000 further people in the region through cataract surgeries.


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Key social and Political Figures Who Visited the Saba Desert Eye hospital:

  • Mr. Saghir Ahmed Aslam, Chairman Saba Aslam Education and welfare Trust Pakistan
  • Dr. Edward William Jackson, President Deseret International Foundation U.S.A.
  • Dr. William Jackson Junior, Regional Head ,Church of Jesus Christ of the Later day Saint
  • Mr. Zar Gul Khan , former member Provincial assembly ,Khyber Pakhtunkhawa, Advisor Ministry Federal Board of Investment Pakistan
  • Shazada Gashtasib Khan, Former Minister for Interior and opposition leader Khyber Paskhtunkhawa assembly
  • Sardar Muhammad Yousaf, District Nazim Mansehra
  • Mr.Shajehan Yousaf, Federal Minister for Health Pakistan
  • Sahibzada Ghiasul Haq, Director FAST University, Peshawar.

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