DTP Role In Earthquake

DTP Role In Earthquake

Earthquake facts:

Earthquake 2005 Facts

DTP Commitment

Planning Session

DTP Plans



Earthquake Facts and Dya Trust Role in Rescue, Relief and Rehabilitation:

  • This quake was the deadliest natural disaster in Pakistan.
  • The quake swallowed up entire villages and towns in NWFP and Azad Kashmir.
  • The quake made thousands of children orphans.
  • More than 2000 schools have been destroyed.
  • This human tragedy canít be described in words.
  • Over 100,000 people killed.
  • Over 3 million completely homeless.
  • Over 5 million people affected.
  • Pain, agony, miseries woes words have lots their meaning.
  • Secure their tomorrow that today has turned into rubbles.
  • Sustainable rehabilitation is the real challenge.


Immediate Help For Earthquake Victims-The Chairman Auto-Biography

Days before October 8th earthquake Dya Trust Pakistan warehouse had received two fully packed 40 foot containers full of food, medicine, clothes and blankets. This gave an edge and created a tremendous opportunity for Dya Trust Pakistan crew to move fast. Immediately Dya Trust Pakistan team loaded the trucks and bought additional needed items and arranged a team of doctors. With Allah S.T blessing they reached the earthquake areas the next day and started helping.

Dya Trust Pakistan was one of the first organizations to come to the aid of the earthquake victims. What we witnessed was beyond imagination. The first two months of earthquake living with earthquake victims, burying bodies some without coffins, witnessing amputations and watching people cope with life without limbs. Sadly witnessing people trying to sleep under the stars in freezing temperature with no tents, no blankets and most of the times empty stomach. Seeing babies cry for little food and watching mothers? tears flow. A grown man cried for his buried alive family with no hope to get to them.

It was an experience that will be embedded in my heart forever as long as I live. I could not hold back my tears as I saw the innocent faces suffering and I couldnít help them at that moment.


Dya Trust Pakistan Deep Commitment To Help the earthquake victims

Our typical day started at 4am, we would leave our Head Office and return around midnight. The next day we would prepare and our second team would depart early in the morning.

We traveled in trucks and Suzuki vans depending on the need of the day. By the way we rented them according to the need instead of buying (tying up huge sums).

Many people were astonished; literally shocked that Dya Trust Pakistan team had arrived so quickly with so many of the needed items.

Soon after Chairman arrived from America we visited several villages and had meetings with the community one after another. During the first five days traveling 16 to 18 hours daily we covered 70 plus villages. Below is partial list of the villages that we visited in NWFP around Bala Koat, Ghari Habibullah, Mansera, Batal and others. In Azad Kashmir in the neighborhood of Muzapharabad, Ghari Doppata and others.

Gulmera 1 Hasan Baig Ghorna Ghanal Gulmera 2 Boi Nogran Bhonjia Sughdar Sharifa Abad Salona Mansera Bagah Malik Pur Choundri Timiry Lunda Jaba Malik Pur Dubb 1 Shinkari Jabbi Murad Pur Dubb 2 Ghulam Pur Hasari Guli Bag Chatter Plain Kashmir Villages & Bastees Batora Baffa Kala Daca Kashmir Daul Top of Mountain Siri Kot Kulhary Mahandri near Ghari Doppata & Others Khaiter Battal Muhammad Fiaz Pur

Dya Trust Pakistan had the advantage as they have been working with over 40 different Village organizations for years and had built a great relationship between them. The Chairman also called Dr. Nasim Ashraf who is an old friend now the Chairman of N.C.H.D and Federal Minister to get an update and guidance from him. All of the people and organizations mentioned above were extremely helpful. Their inputs, ideas, suggestions made our job easier and more productive. All thanks to God the Almighty.

The old working relationship and cooperation sure comes in handy.

It was an astonishing moment to see the people trying to sleep in the freezing cold weather without any tents, blankets, warm clothing and at times empty stomach.

One team worked with the Chairman taking notes of all the meetings, suggestions, the needs of the people and prepared comprehensive reports for planning purposes.

The other teams continued their mission to help the helpless.


Planning Session: Entire Dya Trust Pakistan team takes a day off for planning

Dya Trust Pakistan team took a day off to analyze, assess and come up with a plan how Dya Trust Pakistan can help and serve the earthquake victims. As the area is large and so are the losses, human and property losses are beyond belief and Dya Trust Pakistan has limited resources. The team spent the entire day considering different options. They debated on different options. Dya Trust Pakistan team wrote down pros and cons of each plan. After serious consideration and consultations with our entire team and also taking to account what we learned so far during our fact finding mission that took 5 days from the local people and our eye witness experiences.

At the end of the day they came up with a resolution. Dya Trust Pakistan will work in remote villages. Once the decision was made back to work according to the laid out rough plan.

The next morning Colonel Mustaq, and Zar Gul Khan followed by Dya Trust Pakistan team truck left the Head Office immediately after Suhur and Fajar prayer. Once they passed Abbotabad it was extremely cold they had to stop and buy hats and warm scarves.

It took over 7 hours to reach the first stop which was Gulmera on the mountain village of 54 families completely devastated. Below the mountain people still buried alive from the mountain slide. After that we went to another village where the jeeps could not continue so we walked for 2 hours and additional 2 hours walk to Las Patian on top of the mountain.

Similar routine continued. All of the team worked every day to help and provide the basic needs to as many people as possible.


Evaluate Past Performance and Plans for Future
Ten days later another major planning session and a day to rest

Dya Trust Pakistan team invited all its workers and local people to share with them the humble accomplishments of Dya Trust Pakistan so far.

Seeking advice Dya Trust Pakistan planning team asked for every one?s opinions, their advice and at the same time shared with them what Dya Trust Pakistan team assessment is. What Dya Trust Pakistan team feels will be the best way to help the really needy people in far flung places, in remote hard to reach villages.


Advice and consultation from Others

After getting input from the local people, some people from villages also joined us and couple of media people such as Fazal E Rabbi and Khalid ur Rahman. We also had a meeting with Syed Sahid Zaheer who is in charge of P.T.V in the western world. This meeting was really beneficial for Dya Trust Pakistan, as his input and advice was very valuable. We came up with a resolution to step up our efforts in the identified 70 plus villages fulfilling people needs. Furthermore from each area we will get the local people to help. Not help voluntarily but pay them to help us reach the needed supplies to the farthest and remote villages. They happily agreed to perform the task.

We also authorized them to hire the mules to carry the supplies as no vehicles will go to some of these villages. Good old fashion mules seem to be the best mode of transportation good thing we paid the locals to hire the mules as without it, it would have been impossible. They know the area and roads very well.

Thanks to Allah S.T two months later we have fulfilled our plans. We have covered remote villages which according to the villagers, no other team had come. Dya Trust Pakistan team covered these 70 plus villages and Bastees multiple times according to the needs, which was appreciated tremendously.


DTP Plans:

Forgotten Villagers

These remote villagers and quite a few of them over 70 in far flung places that Dya Trust Pakistan team has helped are in reality forgotten people and forgotten villages as the saying goes out of sight out of mind. For example get to Mahandri on top of the mountain you pass through several villages and it took us 10 hours. That is 10 hours of walking my dear brothers and sisters and yes we did rest for few minutes in each village to regenerate ourselves and recharge our batteries. We were determined to make it in one day and we did. We spent the night there, it was extremely cold. Prior to Dya Trust Pakistan team people they had not received any help at all. We made arrangements and paid some people to take the needed supplies to them. Days were gone and they had no tents it took Dya Trust Pakistan team a few days as it was very difficult and time consuming. This was the kind of place where local paid helpers was the greatest asset to the team. Dya Trust Pakistan really appreciates locals? cooperation as without their help we could have not done it. And with Allah S.T blessing we supplied them with whatever they needed.


Dya Trust Pakistan Educational Plan
Dya Trust Pakistan open it?s first school in Earthquake area (Gulmera Gari Habibullah Dist Mansehra)

Dya Trust Pakistan opened it?s first school on Monday November 21st, 2005 The cost for the school is $3000.00

  • Tents Hut type
  • Black Boards
  • Sitting Mats
  • Folding Chairs & Tables
  • Kerosene Gas Lamps
  • Kerosene Gas Heaters
  • Stationary
  • All other needed items even a tape recorder, etc.

Monthly operating expenses for this school is $350.00


College Students Scholarship Program

Dya Trust Pakistan came up with a great plan to help the helpless college students continue their education.


Message from Br. Zar Gul Khan-Former Member Provincial Assembly N.W.F.P and Chairman Dya Trust Pakistan

Even though I am back home in the wonderful Unite States of America my heart is still with the earthquake victims. There is an old song called ?I left my heart in San Francisco? the same is true with me. Two months with the forgotten earthquake victims has changed my life completely. How true it is life is just a bubble. This has changed my outlook on life. This has changed my daily routine. It has transformed me into what I believe a better person. I think of those forgotten villagers day and night and then I ponder and ponder some more and convince myself that I must keep Dya Trust Pakistan?s promise to these forgotten souls. They need our help, they deserve our help. I am certain together we can make their dreams come true.

I am in touch with our manager on a daily basis, sometimes multiple times a day all thanks to the modern day technology.

In addition we have built a great team at the Dya Trust Pakistan.. Thanks to God the Almighty all of our staff is very dedicated and devoted. They tell me and remind me repeatedly that this is not just a job for us. They say that if you can do so much from America and then still leaving your family and home comfort to come here and help the people, this is a great opportunity for us to help Dya Trust Pakistan mission and that is to help the people and make our akirah.



We would like to request you to step up and come forward and invite few of your friends to your home or restaurant so we can share the grief of thousands of injured, scared, homeless and hungry forgotten villagers. They are starving, really hungry to the point that they are desperate for your cooperation and sympathy.

I assure you that had you witnessed even briefly what I lived through for the last two months you would go all out (out of your way) to help the helpless children, mothers, grandmothers and others.

I have lived with them. Time is running out for them. Many will die unless we come forward. I can still hear their cries, and I am in tears while I am writing this as their pictures are graved in my heart.

Don?t let them down. Allah S.T will bless you and give you many folds; you know all of the hadith.

Brothers and sisters don?t miss this once in a life time golden opportunity. God the Almighty will reward us; remember the Hadith charity will not decrease ones wealth. In addition if someone helps from your request or convincing, you will get the full reward without decreasing their reward on the Day of Judgment.

How can you make a difference? We set up a list below to identify ways for you to get involved. If we all do our part, maybe we can turn a horrible situation into something that will help their pain.

Diamond Sponsor: $25,000 and up
Platinum Sponsor:     $10,000 to $24,999
Gold: $5,000 to $9,999
Silver:  $2,500 to $4,999
Bronze: $1,000 to $2,499
nefactor: $500 to $999

We made promise we made commitment to those 70 plus villages that inshaAllah we will continue to help them until they can get on their feet. Golden Opportunity for us to help the helpless.

Please allow us to share with you.


Adopt a Village Infrastructure and Adopt a Family Program:

A lot many more money is needed for rebuilding of physical infrastructure like water/sanitation/streets/homes/schools/mosques etc.

$12.00 will feed a family for a week.

$50.00 will feed a family for a month.

Dya Trust Pakistan has launched these programs for earthquake affectees.


College Students Scholarship

Medical, engineering, business, Arts & other college students $100 per month


High School Students Program

We have brought students from earthquake area and admitted in our Wisdom House and other schools so they will not miss a year of school. $75/month



Dya Trust Pakistan board had approved a five story building plan, inshaAllah we will create a unique one of a kind orphanage where we will provide them love, affection, best education besides the material things. $200/per month to support an orphan. $5000-$7000 to build a room


Support a family program

Dya Trust Pakistan has initiated a program providing basic needs to families. $150/month


Building homes

Plans are in work, but not finalized yet to provide permanent homes for families. $4,000


Providing Wheel Chairs and other medical needs

I have been communicating with couple of companies and we are just about to close a deal whereas inshaAllah they will donate 200 desperately needed wheelchairs to Dya Trust Pakistan to be distributed to the needy people there.


Financial Information 2005

Dya Trust Pakistan has started scholarship program for earthquake victims.

Dya Trust Pakistan saw a great need to help college students (medical, engineering, education and others) with scholarships covering all expenses!

This team came up with the selection process then came up with a committee. The committee went to different villages and interview numerous of students. They check their college records, discuss the matter with college officials and checked their references as well. Then the second and third process was similar. Thus we came up with 100 students that we want to sponsor.

Students are selected on the basis of merit and financial need, and especially those who have not received any assistance from other sources.


Sponsor a college student(s) $100.00 per month
Progress reports and pictures of the student(s) will be provide to you inshaAllah

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