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Dya Trust Pakistan" FREE EYE CAMPS"


 Hazara is  the largest Division of the Province Kyhber Pakhtunkhawa of Pakitsan covering 18013 km²: It comprises six districts: Abbottabad DistrictBattagram DistrictHaripur District,Kohistan DistrictMansehra District and now, since 28 January 2011, the new Tor Ghar Districthe . Mansehra is its  largest District of Hazara. population of the Hazara region was estimated to be over 7 million in 2010.Eye camps are operated in all the rural areas of Hazara and specially Mnasehra by a team  from the Saba Deseret International Eye hospital visiting a rural site on an appointed date mostly of every Friday – after appropriate local publicity by local volunteers to encourage patients to come for free eye examinations.


All medical equipment has to be packed at Saba Deseret Eye hospital and transported to the eye camp site. Diseases of the eye are treated on the spot and  surgeries for cataracts are performed at Saba Deseret Base hospital. The team usually stays at the site for  12 hours and examine and screen patients. Cataract surgeries and complicated cases are reffered to Saba Deseret base hospital for investigation and management. Eye checkups for children and Vitamin A are dispensed at village schools.
Over 200 operations have been performed this year in these rural eye camps.


We have found that not all the delicate instruments required stand up to the tough transporting conditions and medical conditions are obviously better at the Saba Deseret base hospital. Less risk of infections. We have therefore started our In-Reach programme. This is much on the lines of the Out-Reach programme, in as much as we go to the villages and select the patients needing operations. These we take by bus back to the base hospital where we operate and look after the recovery. Then we take them by bus back to their village.

Apart from these OUT-REACH camps, there is much need for IN-REACH camps. From February 2011 to December 2012 we have performed 17,000 examinations at Saba Deseret base hospital and eye camps  and performed a total of 668 cataract surgeries. Of these 468 surgeries were performed through our IN-REACH programme at Saba Deseret hospital.


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